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Product Review: EASE Magnesium Spray

Product Review: EASE Magnesium Spray

Being a busy mom with a very busy (sleep challenged) toddler is hard enough. Add in healing autoimmune disease, running a blog, and working on starting a business, well, that’s a whole lot more on my plate. While I am as careful as I can be to keep myself well-balanced and not take on more than I can reasonably manage, life doesn’t always cooperate.

I have supplemented magnesium orally for some time now. My first choice is to get my nutrients from my food, but it is not always possible to eat enough dark leafy greens for that. I take an n=1 approach to supplementation. Just because supplementation of a certain nutrient is needed for one does not mean everyone needs it. That being said, magnesium is one that a lot of people need, and I definitely notice the difference.

When I started having issues getting to sleep, or getting back to sleep, I knew I needed more help than just oral supplementation alone. I needed a topical supplement. After trying a few different options, I did not like the residue that was left behind or the sting that accompanied application. I also wanted something I could use on my daughter, who cries pitifully from the sting of the products we tried.

When I connected with Activation Products, I was intrigued by their EASE Magnesium Spray that promised no sting and no residue. Could it really be as good as they claim? And could we really escape the unpleasant side effects?

Here’s what I found after using EASE for two weeks.

EASE Magnesium Spray

Disclaimer: Although I received product from Activation Products for free, all opinions are entirely my own. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.

How EASE Magnesium Spray Performed

Since topical magnesium application is supposed to have improved effectiveness locally over oral supplementation, this was my first experiment. EASE Magnesium Spray is advertised to absorb in 90 seconds from application. After applying to various muscle groups individually, I would say it lives up to that claim. In a very short amount of time following application, I could feel the difference in the arm or leg I had sprayed versus the one I hadn’t. I was actually quite surprised by the difference. Of course this could have been placebo effect, so I had my husband spray one arm with EASE Magnesium Spray and the other arm with just water while I closed my eyes and I could still feel the difference!  The muscles felt more relaxed with noticeably less tension, like they were breathing a sigh of relief, so to speak.

The next test was to see if it helped my sleep. The recommended dosage is 30-50 sprays, with each spray delivering approximately 22mg of magnesium. I noticed an improvement in my sleep by the second night. I applied 30 sprays to my arms and legs, rubbed it in, and waited for it to dry before getting into bed. The second evening of use, I was able to fall asleep easier and faster than I had in a while, and when I did rouse in the night, I had an easier time getting back to sleep. Bumping the dosage up to 50 sprays did not make a noticeable difference to me. I also experimented with using 20-25 sprays with similar effectiveness to the 30 spray test, so I would say to play around with the dosage and find what works for you and don’t just go by the dosage on the bottle. Bonus if you need less as it means your bottle will last longer!

I also tried EASE Magnesium Spray on my daughter. Being a little gun-shy from her experiences with other magnesium sprays, it took some convincing to have her sit for this one. Once we got past that, though, she was a happy camper. As advertised, there is zero sting and zero residue following application!  Both Little Miss and I were quite impressed. I also noticed an improvement in the soundness of Little Miss’s sleep after applying five sprays. She went from waking three or more times a night to only waking once!

I tested absorption on a variety of areas and found the best absorption on areas with thinner skin (inside of elbows and wrists, inside of the thigh, back of the knee) or larger pores (palms of the hands, soles of the feet). Absorption was still good in other areas, including on my calves that may or may not have been shaved in a while. I also found improved absorption on freshly-washed skin, such as right after getting out of the shower.

About EASE Magnesium Spray

The ingredient list for EASE Magnesium Spray is short: purified water and pharmaceutical-grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate, and it is packaged in a dark blue, BPA-free plastic bottle.

Activation Products confirmed they source their magnesium from the Dead Sea, and it is then purified in a European lab. Following this, the magnesium is infused into the purified water using a proprietary small-batch process that takes 12 hours to complete. Unfortunately, Activation Products was not able to provide me with a copy of the mineral analysis or lab report on EASE Magnesium Spray.

The use of magnesium chloride hexahydrate (MCH) is said to improve absorption as the chemical make-up of the hexahydrate attracts more water to itself. Since the human body is approximately 60%, there is a lot of water to which the MCH can attach. The water content of the body essentially sucks the MCH into the tissues.


I am very pleased with the effectiveness of EASE Magnesium Spray! The lack of sting and residue combined with the effectiveness of the product are major points for me. I will continue to play around with the dosage and see how much I need to use so I’m not using more than I need to. And I love supporting a Canadian company!

At $39.00CAD for a 250mL/8oz bottle, EASE is pricier than other topical magnesium products, but it has worked better for us than other products we’ve tried. I would have liked to have seen a lab report or mineral analysis on the product, but the company was very transparent otherwise. Of course I would always rather see products in glass containers over plastic, but I do appreciate that the company uses BPA-free plastic bottles and understand that manufacturing and shipping glass adds significantly to the price.

I enjoy and would absolutely recommend this product!

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