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Christmas Cookies Part II

Christmas Cookies Part II

Welcome back for another installment of my Christmas cookie adventure with Little Miss!

And what an adventure it turned out to be!  This week’s cookies turned out AMAZING!  Despite the flour mishap and over blending the ingredients.


Yeah, that little mishap.

We tend to follow Montessori principles (some days more loosely than others), and a big one of those is allowing the child the opportunity learn, grow, and practice skills (like pouring flour).  Another principle is to “follow the child”, and Little Miss had made it clear in no uncertain terms that, after watching me make the cookies last week, she was ready to get her hands dirty this week.

I had selected the Gingersnap Cookies recipe by Mickey over at Autoimmune Wellness for this week.  The recipe called for 1.5 cups of arrowroot flour.  Me, being the wise toddler mother that I am, decided to start Little Miss off with just a half cup of the flour as a test run.

Boy am I glad I did!  As bad as the pictures look, all of that was really only a half cup of arrowroot flour that didn’t quite make it into the food processor.  But it did make it all over the food processor, the counter, the floor, Little Miss’s learning tower, and Little Miss herself.  As much of a mess as it made, I really couldn’t help but laugh.  We were making memories after all.  This was one that would stick for a while!

Thankfully my arrowroot flour is not currently in short supply and I was able to help Little Miss with adding the remaining flour needed to the food processor and our cookies were back on track!

Since I over-mixed the batter, it ended up being much goo-ier and stickier than it should have been to form the cookies, so, instead of mashing one side into the coconut sugar like suggested in the recipe, I ended up rolling the whole thing in the sugar so that I could handle it (which worked really well, by the way).  I made generous sized cookies and still ended up with 15 of them, which was a tough fit for my pan (it ended up being two pans).

Once baked, the cookies turned out with an amazing rich, chewy, sweet, gingery taste.  They were a bit dense and took some time to cool, but it was well worth the wait!  I did find them a touch sweet, so next time I might skip the maple syrup and see how it goes.  It could have also been because I had to roll them in coconut sugar instead of just dipping one side.  I was expecting a harder snap-like cookie, but these are amazing, will certainly be made again, and will make a great addition to our annual Christmas Eve buffet of goodies.

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