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Christmas Cookies Part I

Christmas Cookies Part I

As I’m writing this, Christmas is but 12 weeks away.  Crazy how that sneaks up on you!

Christmas last year was a bit of a tough one for us.  We had just moved and didn’t know anyone.  Scott’s new job (the reason for our move in the first place) was not going well, Little Miss was cluster feeding around the clock in preparation to launch into toddlerhood, and I was beyond sleep deprived which was doing terrible things for my physical and mental health.

This year, we are heading into the holiday season in a much better place.  We’ve been meeting people and starting to make friends.  Scott has found other (better) employment in the Central Alberta area which is going better than we ever could have hoped and it has allowed us to remain in Central Alberta.  Little Miss is an amazing, incredibly busy, vivacious, endearing toddler with a burning desire to master all life skills, which has made her very helpful (and actually helpful, not just “helpful”) with a variety of chores around the house.  And I have been able to regain a significant amount of ground on my health again.  I’m not necessarily where I was before I fell pregnant, but I am MUCH better than I was last Christmas!

Since Little Miss is reaching an age where her memories may be with her the rest of her life, I want to make sure this Christmas is better than the last.  And what screams Christmas more than Christmas cookies!!!

One precious memory that I have growing up is my mom and aunts doing all kinds of Christmas baking in lead up to the big day.  They never started this early, but I want to leave myself lots of time so I’m not stressing and rushing as we get closer to Christmas.  It’s just going to take more willpower to stash those cookies away instead of eating them all between now and December.  I’ve done the massive, marathon baking sessions in the past and they are not as much fun as one would think.


Of course the biggest challenge is that I have done pretty much zero (as in 0) baking since starting AIP over three years ago now (it’s been three years!?!?!?).  I wasn’t a huge baker before and having to muck with all the special flours and ingredients was just too much effort when I already had so much else on the go.  But for Little Miss, I will bake (nutrient-dense-er) cookies!

And so, the Christmas cookies series was born!  Over the coming weeks, Little Miss and I will be trying out a variety of new cookie recipes.  Most will be recipes from other bloggers, but I’m hoping to get in a recipe or two of my own in the rotation.  There will be official taste testing, reviews, rankings, and things of that nature as we narrow down our top pick for which delicacy Santa will be treated to on Christmas Eve.  I hope you enjoy following along!

For this week, I decided to a recipe that seemed simple but delicious that I had been meaning to try for a long time now.  And one for which I had the ingredients already on hand.  The Crispy Cinnamon Thin Cookies from Sophie over at A Squirrel in the Kitchen have been taunting me for a couple of years now, and I knew I just had to make them.  It’s a bit of a challenge sometimes having to adjust for elevation where we live (over 3,000ft), but I think I managed to navigate that reasonably well.  The cookies came out crispy and light and I felt that the sweetness of the tigernut flour together with the cinnamon gave them almost an eggnog-like hint of flavour, which makes them a great Christmas cookie pick in my books!  Maybe next time I’ll try adding a pinch of mace to it as well.

Little Miss was right in there pitching with the prep and mixing of her first cookie baking experience and LOVED it!  Her little toddler-sized whisk was certianly put to good use.  And I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Kodak moment than when she was watching the cookies bake with her little nose pressed up against the oven window.  Made my heart melt!  Even if she doesn’t remember it, it will always be one of my treasured memories.

Any recipe suggestions for next week?

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